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Musty, Fusty Stuffy indoor air

Problems with existing air purifiers~ Replacement costs are incurred due to regular replacement of many filters.​
The role of bacteria and virus cultivators in the filter due to filter use
The droplets and aerosol viruses spread along the air current.

Thunderbolt High Voltage Plasma Technology


25,000 Volt High Voltage


Sun Tupport Discharge Technology


Nitrogen oxide and negative ions are generated

Sterilization, and sterilization of fine dust and viruses Now, it can be solved with Thunderbolt high voltage plasma technology.
The moment lightning strikes, it generates a lot of nitrogen oxide and negative ions. Air purification and air sterilization, deodorization effects

  • Using the fusion technology of Thunderbolt discharge and nano-bubble, 20,000 volt high voltage plasma discharge technology under atmospheric pressure

  • It releases a large amount of high-concentration nitrogen (NO) beneficial to the human body during Plasma discharge, removes 99.99% of harmful bacteria (viruses, bacteria, fungi, fungi, fungi, etc.), toxic gases, nitrogen oxides, fungal spores, chemical gases (sulfur oxides), allergic substances (atopy, asthma), new home syndrome, etc.

  • A technology was developed to generate a large amount of plasma containing high concentration nitrogen oxide in plasma state, which is the fourth material energy, by electro-electronic energy generated in the main engine Thunderbolt discharge unit, and verified it with a certified test report.

  • It is a perfect air purification and sterilization system that does not require advanced filters or UV lamps with minimal electricity use, and removes ultrafine harmful substances that cannot be filtered by HEPA filters such as bacteria, fungi, VOCs, and various harmful gases.​

  • It immediately destroys harmful substances to remove secondary contamination, and there are no cleaning problems, internal reproduction of fungal bacteria, reduced efficiency, or air reflux problems.

Established a plan for ozone generated from the discharge of the main engine Thunderbolt.

  • Prevents ozone from being generated when discharged at the end of the experiment.​

  • Successful experiment to reduce ozone in floating air by 96%.​​

  • A method of producing high concentration nitrogen oxide (NO) in air at low cost, high concentration,
    and high efficiency was invented and patented.​


  • The strong electric field energy formed in the Main Engine Thunderbolt discharge unit, which generates a high voltage discharge of more than 20,000 volts, is overwhelmingly greater than the binding energy of odorous substances, thereby decomposing the covalent bond of odorous substances and removing odors​



It decomposes covalent bonds such as ammonia gas or fart smell and converts them into completely harmless nitrogen and hydrogen to remove odors.​


Carbon dioxide

CO2 covalent bonding. It decomposes into carbon and oxygen ions.It produces a lot of negative ions that are beneficial to the human body.​​​


carbon monoxide

The covalent bonds of carbon monoxide, such as cigarette smoke and briquette gas, are decomposed and carbonized.It is converted to oxygen ions.​

  • The Thunderbold discharge (reaction time 10-8 ~ 10-12/sec) has an electrical energy of 15 eV or more, and because of this strong energy, odors and The combination of contaminants is broken down and removed.


  • KOMO AIR has a virus reduction rate. 95.3% (Test Institution KTL) is a test report that was tested after 30 minutes of operation in a sterilization experiment chamber of 60㎡ (4m*4m*3.75m). It is a discharge sterilization by plasma, a powerful fourth substance from the airwave outlet with no filter system. The air (gas) that receives the strong energy received during discharge becomes plasmarized and sterilized. Atoms are neutral throughout the atom, followed by the nucleus (+) and the electron (-). Externally influenced plasma is sterilized by electrons as protons (+) and electrons (-) in the atom move collectively.


Discharge sterilization Sterilization in contact with plasma


Direct ionizing air Sterilization as it ionizes


Dissociation reaction Molecular binding is sterilized by decomposition


Ionization reaction Sterilization by electrons of anions


Sterilization by reaction O2 and H2


Sterilization by redox reaction [O][OH-]


Dissociation reaction Molecular binding is sterilized by decomposition

  • Artificial lightning is continuously generated continuously with Thunderbolt discharge technology, which produces a large amount of plasma containing high concentration nitrogen oxide. ​ As soon as lightning strikes, high concentrations of nitrogen oxide and vitamin oxygen ions in the air come out, creating a clean and healthy indoor space with excellent air purification function.​ Complete air purification system with minimal electricity use without the need for advanced filters or UV lamps


  • Nitrogen oxide is a substance in the body produced by epithelial cells in the inner wall of blood vessels that expands and keeps blood vessels elastic.​ In other words, it is a powerful signaling substance that affects all body functions, including the heart, cardiovascular, and nervous systems.​ Simply put, we breathe through the air, and 78% of the air is nitrogen, 21% of oxygen. Nitrogen oxide is a substance that is oxidized by oxygen.

  • What Nitrogen Oxide (NO) Does Nitrogen oxide affects various organs in our body, and it affects all of the respiratory system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, and immune system. It also brings anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.​