We are 'Another'

Korea Mobility is the only K-Smart Mobility company in Korea
that performs everything from R&D to production.

We pursue environmentally friendly directions such as electric kickboards, electric bicycles, and electric motorcycles, and design the future of smart mobility with futuristic and sophisticated design, unique technology and solid durability.

Another Design

KOMO is the world's first product to come up with a hubless wheel with a solid-state battery.
It is a futuristic and sophisticated product
that everyone sees calls it an Alien Bike.
Hubless wheels mean emptying my mind in a complex modern society and capturing the world in them

Another Solidity 1
: Airless Tire

KOMO uses an airless tire made from a special mixture.
This tire has a structure that is full inside the wheels.
This monster tire boasts the same durability as the movie's main character "Hulk." Nails get stuck, and swallowing pieces of glass can't stop it from running.

Another Solidity 2
: Non Weld

Unlike ordinary bicycles, KOMO does not weld.
After much research, the self-developed bonding technique is more than three times the strength of welding and is being created as a more powerful bicycle.
In addition, it is a very efficient electric bicycle with excellent strength and cost savings by reducing labor costs and welding costs caused by welding

Another Battery
: Super Capacitor

Most conventional electric bicycles use lithium-ion batteries.
This is always a concern about fire hazards. The solution to this is the next-generation battery "supercapacitor," and we succeeded in incorporating it into our bikes. Unlike lithium batteries in which electrolyte flows inside, this is a solid state battery and thus is not affected by temperature and external pressure and there is no risk of fire. Riders can also cause insensitivity to the battery.

Another motor
: Hair Pin(regenerative)

The motor is also different.
The "Hairpin Motor," which was researched and developed to maximize the efficiency of the motor, has a efficiency of up to 96%. At the same time, it is a motor with low heat and noise, but high torque. In addition, since applying regenerative braking technology is applied, it is possible to improve the battery energy insufficient during pedaling by 15% or more.


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